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HIPAA Violations- What one can do and what one can’t?

HIPAA violations are not just civil but can also have criminal intentions. To know if a medical act falls under HIPAA violations, one can report the activity to the concerned authority such as the Office Of Civil Rights. HIPAA is not only an integral part of health organization, but to emphasise its importance, in case […]

What is the B12 deficiency syndrome?

B12 deficiency symptoms is a lacking or absence of the vitamin of the same name in the body. B12 deficiency symptoms leads to temporary breakdown of several important systems in the body. To help prevent that, one must have a balanced diet. B12 is a vitamin that is necessary for normal red blood cell formation, […]

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome- symptoms and treatment

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is a very rare and painful nerve disorder. Most doctors are unable to diagnose the disease right away and at times, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome has some dubious theories backing it up. The disease Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a rare nerve disorder. It’s symptoms usually causes intense pain and […]