Fight Depression Through Gardening

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Depression is a mental condition that appears to impact thousands of people every year. This disorder is able to be induced by many things and has the ability to alter the way individuals view things and live. There are a number of medications that can be used to care for the problem – but certain people choose to find a more natural method.

One recent study indicates that the bacteria Mycobacterium vacccae is able to help better the moods of people with this disorder. This bacteria is harmless and is discovered in the soil and is said to function like an anti-depressant.

Researchers utilized mice and set them inside of beakers that were filled with water. They observed to see how long they had the ability to swim before attempting to find a way out. They did this to three various groups of mice. One group was given anti depressants, the second had been exposed to the Mycobacterium vaccae, and the last group had none of these. The exposed mice had the best outcomes compared to the others.

Some other study was done a few years ago to see the effects the bacterium had on cancer patients. Though none of the patients were improving in physical form the people who had been exposed to the bacteria felt in better moods then they had in a long time.

It is not unheard of for therapists to encourage their depressive patients to find something to do that will serve to comfort their minds. Because of the bacteria and the potential effects that it has it may be a good thought for them to begin their own garden.

Relieving depression through gardening may be a way for them to take in the Mycobacterium and give them a chance to use their hands in a creative way that assists to bring life to their home.