Learn About The Link Between Depression And Heart Problems

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Depression is a mental health condition that many people will experience and that can be induced by a death in the family, an accident, or physical abuse. There are contrasting types of depression and treatments that individuals are able to utilize – which will assist to fight it off. Regrettably not everyone is able to overcome this problem easily.

Lots of research has been performed on what depression is and how exactly it can touch individuals. This research has shown that a person will decide to not eat or interact with other people. They may also turn to other substances in order to drown their sorrows like drugs or alcohol. It also indicates that depression is often terrible on a person’s heart and puts them at risk for heart disease.

While the research for this connection is not conclusive at this time some physicians still believe that depression is able to weaken the heart even if the person was once quite healthy. There are many ways in which this mental condition can place such a heavy strain on someone’s heart. The main cause being the lack of personal care that the people have.

Some will eat small quantities of food or will go days without eating anything at all. This stimulates them to lose weight dramatically and puts them at a high risk for heart disease. On the other hand you have people who turn to food to cover their feelings and will eat large quantities of food and gain a lot of weight in a short period of time. Obesity is another agent in heart disease.

One less ordinary cause is the measure of C-reactive protein a depressed person’s mind can have. This substance will increase their risk of hurting from heart disease. Likewise depression is able to cause the heart to become weaker and the blood cells to lump together. The sooner these individuals are able to discover the right depression treatment that will work for them the sooner they can heal both their mind and their heart.