Methods Used To Treat Acne Scars

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Face acne scars is a difficult thing for several people to handle. For some individuals they can be big scars that cover the bulk of the person’s face. This has the ability to make them to be self conscious and will restrain how much they try to socialise with other people.

There are numerous various face acne scar treatments available that may aid to diminish or to remove the scars. These treatments have their own side effects and must be discussed soundly with a dermatologist before you decide which to use. Some treatments are more costly than others and because they are cosmetic they are usually not covered by insurance companies.


This treatment is utilized to fix the skin on the face that is damaged by acne scars and the sunshine. During this process the surgeon will use a particular device to spray miniscule crystals across the patient’s face. During this time they will also be mixing gentle abrasion suction to help get rid of the dead layers of the skin’s surface.

Laser Resurfacing Treatments

During these treatments the operating surgeon uses a high energy beam of light on the impacted regions of the skin. These lasers will work to demolish the top surface of the skin. This is one of the more common face acne treatments – but it is also one of the more expensive. There are side effects to this treatment that you need to speak about with your physician.


Subcision is a kind of treatment used only for atrophic scarring. The surgeon will utilize local anesthesia so that you do not have the ability to feel anything. During the treatment the doctor will put in a needle beneath the scars and take away the scar tissue that is underneath the skin’s surface.

Punch Excision

This kind of scar treatment is employed on ice pick scars and is competent enough to remove them totally. During this treatment the operating surgeon will utilize a small ’punch’ device to cut out the scar. After this the boundaries of the scar will be joined together with a suture. In place of the large scar will be a little line that will be merged into the natural skin that surrounds it.

Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are particular acne face treatments that work to control the look of the scars by encouraging new skin to grow. During this treatment a variety of chemicals are blended into a particular solution and applied to the scars. This will wound the skin and will stimulate new skin to grow over it. This assists to improve atrophic acne scars – but may not always be effective for other inds of scars.