What Is The Ideal Weight For Height?

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In today’s world, obsession with one’s weight is a normal occurence. The people in the entertainment industry such as the modelling and the acting industries emphasize on the size zero figure or as it is popularly known, hour glass figure. It is common knowledge, that everybody’s body structure is not the same. To know one’s body mass index, one needs to know the ideal weight for height. This is a common concern for most people, both men and women. Trying to be slim and healthy is not just a woman-restricted domain. So, how can a person calculate her/his model weight?

The primary factor to keep in mind while calculating ideal weight for height is the person’s height. People do have the different body types and have different weights, the people who are of the same height should have some common body mass to arrive at a mean weight range. For instance, a man who is 6 feet should ideally weigh around 67-84 kgs. If athe man is under this range he is considered underweight and if he is over this limit, he is considered overweight. People who excercise on a regular basis have more lean muscle mass and lower levels of fat tissues than people who are not physically fit. The muscle tissues have a tendency to weigh more but this does not have any effect on the frame of the person.

In order to get the ideal weight for height, one needs to do a body fat composition test to accurately measure the good tissue “muscle” versus the “bad” fat tissues. There are various factors when one wishes to weigh the height and weight of a person. Why is it so important to do so? This is because , the weight of 5 feet person and a 6 feet person will be different. There are more bones, blood and other matter in a taller individual. Most people swear by BMI, but of course there are other people who say the BMI is not sufficient as it does not take muscle mass into account and prefer to use the waist-hip ratio method. For those who prefer to use BMI, there is an easy way of calculating it. The formula is: BMI= mass (kg)/(height)square(m)square or BMI=mass (lb)/(height)square (inches) square

One may wonder why average weight is so specific to people of the same height but people of the same height caqn also have numerous variations. For instance, one individual can be stocky and short and another may be slim and lanky. The difference in the build can be because fat occupies more space than muscles, so although one may be of the same weight. These days, weight calculators take into account the level of activity a person performs, apart from a person’s weight, age and height. To get an idea of the weight range, one can access the Internet which have numerous calculators that will make it easy for you to calculate the BMI.

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